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We believe our industry begins and ends with the hairdresser. From it’s inception the #SalonLove campaign was created to support you. As the campaign has grown, salons and stylists have been able to step up their game in the online arena without cost of a distribution infrastructure, marketing and shelves of stock. This is very exciting for us to see. We also believe this is only the beginning of a true partnership with tremendous opportunity for everyone involved. 

You may have questions about #SalonLove. Here we have colleted the most recent FAQ.

What is #SalonLove?

A new way of adding retail revenue! The #SalonLove Website holds the exclusive products carried by Passion4hair. Your clients can, when they are not visiting your salon purchase products from the comfort of their home.

Will I get commission?

Yes! You will receive 32% commission on product sales from your clients. That’s an extra revenue for your business. Here is an example: If you are a Sens.ús salon and your client wants to purchase Nutri Repair Treatment, and they add a HH Simonsen hair dryer to their basket, you get commission on the full purchase!

Why 32%

Our products have an industry standard of 40% GP when retailed in the salon. The 8% less on #SalonLove is a management contribution, it goes towards, packaging (boxes, gift paper), thank you card, a free gift with all purchases, someone to pick, pack and get the parcel on the road, the up keep of the platform and marketing.

How do I get my commission?

We send you a “commission report” after each calendar month. This report will tell you who purchased products on #SalonLove and what your commission is. You then send us back an invoice with the amount, and we pay your commission into your account. You can use the invoice template we provide in the initial email or send us your own.

Do I need to pick & pack the orders?

No, this is done by us leaving you to focus on your salon activity and in salon retail. All processing is done by Passion4hair. Our team receive the order, pick and pack it with #SalonLove branded packaging and send it directly to your client’s door. We pack a FREE gift with every purchase.

How long does delivery take?

Clients have the option from next day delivery to 3-5 working days. Depending on how much they spend they can receive FREE delivery and have the option to upgrade to “Express delivery”.

What happens if a client does not go to a salon in the Passion4hair network but makes a purchase on #SalonLove?

This is a great question, any commission on a purchase with “no salon” goes to the “County Pot”. This means any salons/stylist with a sale in that particular geographical area and month will share the“County Pot”. In short, all sales on #SalonLove go back to the independent hair salons & stylists. Example: If you are based in Essex, you would be part of the “Essex County Pot”.

Does #SalonLove replace my in salon retail?

We do not think it does! In fact we believe you should retail in your salon. However, #SalonLove offers your clients convenience when they can’t get to the salon. It offers you protection on the         re-purchase and remember it is an extra revenue stream. Stop losing sales to online platforms who don’t benefit salons & stylists. We are tired of seeing hairdressers recommend products, sell retail, only to see the repurchase go to an online seller. We believe this offers you a true omni-channel on your retail without the added activity of picking, packing, posting and stock control.

How do my clients find out about #SalonLove?

You tell them, make them aware of their options and the availability. Passion4hair will provide showcards for your salon and digital assets for everything social media, email and website related. We also recommend you link #SalonLove to your website so you can focus on driving traffic to your website. Your visitor clicks “shop” and boom, it takes your client to #SalonLove. It will look like your shop, in fact it is your shop.

Do I have to tell my clients?

Of course not, this is entirely optional. You can keep doing the same as before. However, should your clients buy through #SalonLove and name your salon we will still pay you your commission.

Why doesn't every brand offer this?

Good question, that is not for us to answer, but you could ask them!

How do I become a salon partner today

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