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Wednesday 29,2021


Like music, hair is so much better when the volume is cranked all the way up. 

7 Ways You Can Amp Up the Volume!

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Like music, hair is so much better when the volume is cranked all the way up. You can ALWAYS use more volume. If you’re fed up with your go-to styles and products that have your hair feeling limp, dry, and lifeless, then this blog is for you. We set out to break down the 7 best tricks to help you pump up the volume.

"So fresh and so clean, clean” – Oils and product build-up will weigh fine hair down, causing a long-lasting battle with volume. Did you know most volume shampoos have been known to contains specific alcohols that give the illusion of volume, whilst dehydrating the hair? However, the volume is only temporary and will last the duration of a few days until the hair begins to clog with those same oils. It’s imperative that any oils are removed and built up with a hydrating, alcohol-free shampoo to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Eufora Volumizing Shampoo restores life to flat hair without dehydrating it. The shampoo contains wheat and quinoa proteins that work to plump, strengthen, and repair the hair shaft. Just to go the extra mile, a blend of over 75 botanical extracts add shine, more strength and promote scalp health.

“Lean on me, when you’renot strong.” – A common misconception is that skipping conditioner, toavoid adding weight to your hair, restores volume. But thin, limp hair oftenlacks protein structure,and a reliable weightless conditioner can restoreproteins and nutrients for thicker, fuller hair. Eufora Daily BalanceConditioner is a zero-weight conditioner  that moisturises, adds body, andincreases manageability. For extra damaged hair, try the protein rich EuforaFortifi Keratin Repair as a pre-style treatment. This will increasestrength and elasticity.

“TLC” – Fine hair andcolour treatments can only end in one result - damage prone, brittle, anddehydrated hair. To fight back against loss of protein, use a weekly treatment ofEufora Nourish Urgent Repair Treatment to revitalise your hair, leaving itfeeling shiny and healthy.

Turn it UP (side down) – Asure way to add volume is by letting gravity do its thing. Tipping your hair upsidedown means gravity can lift the root of your hair away from the scalp, enablingbrushing without flattening. Before blow-drying your hair, protect against theheat with Eufora Style Thermal Heat Defense.

“I get UP! Andnothing gets me down.” – One way of achieving lasting volume at the rootline is to apply root lifting products like Eufora Volume Fusion Spray.Apply midway through the blow-dry. Do not apply to soaking wet hair and theproduct will not be as effective on towel-dried hair. To complete the process,apply heat and then style accordingly.


Here comes the sun” -Especially with brittle hair, always protect your hair from environmentaland UV damage. If you aren’t going to wear a hat to enjoy the sunny days andprotect your hair, spray Eufora Style Gloss Dry Shine Spray. This spraywill add shine whilst protecting from damaging UV rays. Like sunscreen, applyevery day. Remember: hair should be protected from UV rays which the sun emitsall year around, no matter the heat.

“Ch-Ch- Ch- Changes!” – Ifyour hair naturally lays flat after it settles from its normal parting, createan instant lift by switching it up. A new parting, no matter where it is, couldgive the lift your hair needs.

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