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Wednesday 15,2021

As the world begins to open back up, celebrities are stepping out with bold new looks that we will carry in with us to salons everywhere.'

The A/W Hair Colour and Cut trends.

Our Autumn and Winter Hair Colour and Cut Trend Predictions.

Although it seems we have seen the last of summer ’21, we are still seeing emerging trends, old and new, that will follow us into A/W. As the world begins to open back up, celebrities are stepping out with bold new looks that we will carry in with us to salons everywhere. Here are the looks I’m predicting are sure to set the fashion scene ablaze this season. 

1. Business in the front: With some serious Joan Jett-esque feels, the choppy mullet came back for the summer and is sure to stick around for a while longer.

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2. Go for platinum: It’s worth knowing your blonde. With so many possible shades, different tones are bound to make an appearance in a particular season. Platinum blonde is the perfect mid-point between icy white (winter) and creamy blonde (summer). 

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3. Bang Drama: Do you remember when curtain bangs (fringes) were ‘uncool’? Thankfully, because of the constant circling of fashion trends, they’re back! The biggest positive is that they’re considerably low maintenance for a fresh way to change up an existing look. Before walking into a salon, ready to make the chop, consider the cut. Long, sweeping bangs refresh a look without the full commitment (much like Winnie Harlow’s). This looks has been ‘lazy-girl’ approved, perfect for the gloomy days ahead. 

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4. Fiery Locks: Whether it’s natural or coloured, the fiery copper look is ready to dominate the colour charts this season. After saying good-bye to the summer tans, this copper look is flawless, complimenting paler skin.  

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5. Frame the face: Now, it’s possible that we were ‘eating our own words’ when we questioned why all these tik tok stars have been only dying the front parts of their hair. It’s a look we’ve all grown to love! Blonde bangs automatically frame the face and highlight your features. Mix it up this autumn with a pop of colour or opt for a ‘halo’ like Charli D’Amelio.  

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6. Classic buns with a twist: The classic bun is a great versatile way to style your hair and it’s obvious that versions of this will be paired with a turtleneck and trench coat this autumn. Bella Hadid has been rocking the sleek bun for runways and red-carpet events. This version will look great for dinner and nights out. Dress it down during the day, with the windswept bun, leaving out some hair that can frame the face. Zendaya nails it when embracing her natural curls, pulled into a low bun for day-to-night wear. 

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7. 70's Revival: The revival is here and us 70’s babies are loving it! The re-introduction of dramatic curtain bangs is something that we have already seen this summer. The casual style welcomes autumn, with perfectly matched boots and big coats to complete the street wear look. Let’s not forget the classic Cher ‘long and straight’. Ariana Grande said goodbye to the ponytail in favour of the 70’s dream locks. More recently, Kylie Jenner has launched the 24k Kylie Cosmetics line. Her glamour shots included extra long extensions and clothes dripped in gold. If this doesn’t scream Cher, I don’t know what does!

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8. Pink dream: Last year (2019) Halsey wore her ‘bubble-gum’ pink hair until March. This is proof that pinks should be appreciated all year around. Now, other celebrities are following her lead with different kinds of intensity. Khloe Kardashian embraces the icy white blonde with chunky pastel pink highlights. Lana Condor kills it with a decisively low maintenance style: pastel pink with a light shadow root.

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9. "Soft Shag": The ‘soft shag’ is often mistaken for the mullet. Although, it’s more of the quieter sister; long and choppy layers give it all the edginess of the mullet without being one. Celebrities have loved this easy-to-style cut for some time and we have probably seen it on just about everyone. However, once a classic, always a classic. The soft shag will be great to pair with beanies and berets, pumpkin spice in hand. Try tight curls with the style, it’s softening around the edges and creates a casual street style in the process. 

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10. Glossy midi: Not to be confused with ‘the Rachel’, the glossy midi has all the perks of long hair and none of the constant detangling and fighting of the elements. Cute and casual that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. 

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11. Ponytails are back: A Ponytail can be wearable on any occasion. If you’re feeling lazy, a loose high pony with natural waves is perfect to achieve a purposefully dishevelled style. Alternatively, a high sleek ponytail is perfect for dinner and drinks. Hailey Bieber has stepped out on the red carpet with a high ponytail and big bow. The retro up-do was classic and sophisticated, turning heads all the way. 

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12. Cropped and bob: And lastly, the cropped bob. I know what you’re thinking; “surely short hair is better for the summer”, “Long hair is for the winter, it keeps you warm”. Correct, but a cropped bob paired with a dark turtleneck and statement necklaces is the ultimate style of sophistication. Remember, your hair isn’t to be ignored. The perfect look or style can make or break a fashionable fit. 

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