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Daisy Noble


30 ,2022

Confessions of a Curly Girl

"This week I will be handing over the reigns to a good friend and great hairdresser...also a curly girl."

Hey everyone!

This week I will be handing over the reigns to a good friend and great hairdresser...also a curly girl. She will be breaking down all the ways she got to love her curls again. 


Daisy x 

I hated my curls and have struggled to manage them for my childhood, into my teens and as an adult. So, basically, all my life! Until recently, when our salon decided to make Eufora a house brand and I decided to explore the range based on my tailored needs. My first point of call...getting my curls managed and looking fabulous.

Now, years later, I'm as happy and as confident as I've ever been. Here are my curly girl confessions and how I got to loving my curls again. 

"I've always played with my hair."

Don’t get me wrong, countless people have told me to stop playing with my hair. But I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve always felt the need to fidget with something and my hair was the biggest culprit. 

Of course, this is a major NO - NO for curls.  It was hard to stop twirling, twisting and playing with it but the more you play, touch or mess with the curl, the frizzier your hair will get. Plus, curly hair is more susceptible to breakage and all the tugging, pulling and twisting only weakens it.

The key is after you have styled your hair - JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. Simple advice, but one of the most important lessons I finally learned. 

My tip for you on how I finally broke this habit: I place post-it notes everywhere (even on my computer) saying “don’t you dare touch your curls!”

"I was still using a bath towel."

I thought microfibre towels were all hype. I received one on my first day at the salon and used it a few times. But instead,  I ended up converting it into a hand towel.

Our expert educators explained to me the microfibre towel is absolutely essential. It's softer on your hair than a "terrycloth" towel and prevents frizz (shamefully, I was still using my old towels from college). After listening to them, I gave it another try and discovered the magic in how you use the towel. 

Instead of holding it to your wet hair, I "scrunched" my hair to gently absorb the excess moisture. By doing this, I saw a decrease in frizz and the curls taking shape. 

"I was all out of order."

There is Method to The Madness: PRODUCT ORDER DOES MATTER!

I learned that Eufora has all of the products you need. But, you need to use them properly and in the right order:

  1. After shampooing and conditioning, always start with leave-in, a moisturizing nutrient-rich product like Beautifying Elixirs ElixirOne and follow with curl enhancer, Curl'n Perfect Curl Activator.
  2. Apply your styling products to damp hair. I use Curl'n Defining Solution and layer it with EuforaStyle Forming Cream for added definition. Then I air dry with a final scrunch with my microfibre towel.

"I didn't know what to do with 2nd day hair and ended up in a ponytail."

Drop the Dry Shampoo and Water Spritzer. 

I never knew how to style my second-day curls without using either water or dry shampoo. But, I finally embraced Curl'n Perfect Curl Activator which is designed to revitalise hair, add moisture, fight frizz and unwanted odours by bringing the spring back to your curls. 

Fun Fact: Water doesn’t really do anything for your hair. In fact, it's dehydrating.

"I used to sleep with wet hair."

As a kid, I would shower at night and go to bed with wet hair thinking it would be "easy to style" my hair in the morning. Even as an adult, I made this mistake. Your hair is the weakest and most vulnerable by sleeping with wet hair. It stretches and kinks, leaving you with a nightmare hair in the morning. 

The best thing to do is wear it in loose braids while sleeping. In the morning, refresh and detangle your hair with Curl'n Perfect Curl Activator

P.S. Keep your braids loose to avoid any indents and sleeping with a silk pillowcase makes a big difference.

"I thought i could force my hair into place."

If you haven't noticed, I'm a bad listener to good advice. My entire life I've been told to be more gentle as I ripped a comb/brush through my hair. Sometimes, it's easier to keep doing what you're comfortable with.


  1. Wide-tooth combs are truly amazing before, during, and post shower.
  2. Detangle your hair before you hop in the shower. Be gentle and use a detangling spray if needed. 
  3. Start from the ends to get the knots out and comb through as you move closer to the top of your head. If you comb / brush too hard,  you can elongate the curl, stretch it out or even break it. 

Especially us curly girls, giving your hair a little TLC goes a long way. Granted it’s only been a few weeks 

since I’ve finally taken this expert advice.  But, my hair now feels way stronger than before. 

I’ve spent 30+ years fighting with my hair. My hope is that you learn from my mistakes and finally learn 

how to embrace your curls.

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