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Jessica Walker


7 , 2022

MKS eco WOW | Jessica's Review!

"I was blown away with how much I could love a range that isn’t dedicated to my specific hair needs."

SO, the news is finally out – the Earthly Body family has launched on #Salonlove and WOW, I cannot be happier (see what I did there)! I was given the opportunity to experience MKS eco WOW pre-launch and I was blown away with how much I could love a range that isn’t dedicated to my specific hair needs. After a long journey with my stylist and additional research, my hair was finally in a healthy and nourished place. I found I didn’t need an intensely hydrating shampoo every wash and MKS eco WOW was an excellent choice for a new daily shampoo. Here are some of the things I love the most about MKS eco WOW:



Firstly, the entire range of 5 products can be used by me and my whole family. The vegan formula is gently cleansing, without any harsh sulphates or parabens. Making it suitable for any hair type. I colour my hair and after spending so much money on the upkeep, I was nervous that a shampoo not dedicated to treating or maintaining coloured hair would affect the result. However, the sulphate free formula means that each product is colour safe. 


Most conditioners tend to leave your hair feeling weighted down or even oily if not properly applied but not WOW. Formulated as a leave-in conditioner, the product is weightless and easily distributed. My hair was left feeling soft and hydrated. It was nice having the option the treat my hair with a daily conditioner or a leave-in treatment, depending on whether my hair has experienced more exposure to potential causes of damage. 


Out of the five, this product was my favourite! The lightweight formula combines clean ingredients with nutrient-rich oils and extracts to help hair to feel revived. It kept my hair nourished through a week of constant heat styling while controlling my hairs usual hard to manage frizz.The Detangler also protects against heat which put my mind at ease, knowing I would need a heat protectant but was committed to trying the five products only. What’s more the sustainable packaged glass bottle looks great on my bathroom shelf! 


The Oilixer is a multi-use hair and skin oil, made with Earthly Body’s proprietary plant-based silicone alternative making it good for your body and earth’s waterways. Although I loved it for my hair, I was especially pleased with the results from using as a base for my makeup. It left my skin hydrated without the oil feeling heavy or leaving a sticky residue, creating the perfect ‘clean’ make-up base. 


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