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Daisy Noble

Febuary 19,2021

Hot tips for hot tools

Your choice of styling tool is a very important factor when you are looking to create

your hairstyle and equally important to maintain healthy hair. 

“Believe it or not, the environment, weather, water and pollution can affect the hair and scalp and can lead to hair thinning and if the scalp is damaged, to hair loss”


A hair dryer can be found in most households, regardless of the hairstyles and type

of hair that resides in the house. A good hair dryer can be the difference of an

enjoyable experience getting ready in the morning or a struggle to tame your locks.

What do you need to know about hair dryers?

The technology

Ionic hair dryer

Ionic hair dryers work by transferring negative ions to the hair, which attract the

positive ions in water to help the hair dry faster. You have the convenience of getting

your hair to dry faster, this process helps seal the strands & cuticles to retain moisture.

Ionic bonding technology

Ionic bonding makes negative and positive ions bond together and in doing so creat a

layer over the hair. This method neutralises static electricity leaving the hair healthy

and shiny.


Infrared is designed to dry your hair more quickly and efficiently. It uses less heat

which means less damage & frizz. Think infrared patio heater, you cannot see the

“beam” of infrared hit your skin but you can feel the heat.


Is the motor powerful enough? A quality hair dryer will have the right balance of a

powerful motor without the added weight.


That’s right, the cord is important, the wiring of your hair dryer will be tested every

time it is used, packed in a bag or stuffed in a draw. Look for a thick rubber cord, that will tell you the wiring has not been overlooked and will most likely withstand rigorous



A good hair dryer is a great investment, your locks will thank you. And if you are

investing in a quality hair dryer, you need to look after it. How you keep it clean and

fluff free, how you roll up the cord and store it between use will be determining factors

in the lifespan of your investment. A quality hairdryer will have pointers and advise on

how you should look after it.