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Daisy Noble

AUGUST 17,2021

Is your hair suffering with a protein imbalance? Here's how you can tell

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“Your hair is 70% protein (keratin)”

When your hair is 70% protein (keratin), it's important that you are is aware of the damage that is caused by; external forces, hair colouring, pollution, chemical treatments and synthetic heat. These things affect the protein of the hair shaft which ultimately weakens, dehydrates and dulls hair. Without the proper balance of protein in your hair you may experience: 

1. Dry and brittle hair.

Dry and brittle hair - If your hair is beginning to feel dry, this could be due to a lack of protein. One of the protein's functions is to reduce the loss of water from the hair. Most commonly, people will use oil or deep conditioning treatments to combat dry hair. However, if the hair is still lacking protein, you will not achieve the desired result. 

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2. Limp and dull hair.

Limp and dull hair - If your hair is looking limp and lifeless, adding lightweight proteins will ensure your hair is appearing to look thicker and healthier.

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3. Breakage.

Breakage - Caused by the loss of elasticity or the ability for hair to stretch. Did you know? When wet, hair should be able to stretch approximately 1/3 of its original length without breaking. If your hair is lacking protein, it will begin to lose the strength and flexibility that allows hair to stretch this far, ending in breakage. 

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4. High porosity.

High Porosity - The porosity of the hair strand determines the ability of hair to absorb moisture. Damage done to the hair by UV rays, chemical treatment, chlorine, hair colouring and poor styling practices will lead to more porosity, creating damaged or raised cuticles. You will need the right protein treatment to move towards proper protein balance to even out the porosity of damaged hair. 

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