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Daisy Noble

Wednesday 7,2021

Sharing True Sustainability.

Wednesday 7 September 2021 | Happy International Day of Clean Air!

Sustainability and social responsibility has been an integral part of #SalonLove since our inception. We are aware of our obligation to think and act in an environmentally and socially conscious way. 

"For us, 


sustainability also includes building sustainable communities and networks."

A sustainable business adheres to the triple bottom line, a term coined by John Elkington (1994), Profits, People and the Planet. The key point is that a sustainable business earns profits by being socially responsible and protecting the use of the planet’s resources. ( 

For us, true sustainability also includes building sustainable communities and networks. Good sustainable strategies need to have an economic benefit to the community.

We work with our partner salons to ensure fair commission, product support and education. By supporting #Salonlove your money is going BACK into the hairdressing community. It is helping independent salon owners, entrepreneurs and funding education projects. 

For example: the commission earned from supporting #Salonlove provides opportunities for salon owners to introduce sustainable practices into their salons, educate their teams and boost their bottom line.

For business owners (small and large), better sustainable business practices are becoming crucial in the fight for a brighter future. A recent publication from NASA states that it is more than 95% possible human activity is causing global warming, and industries contribute to climate change because of our reliance on non-stop production and consumption, among other factors. (

Our hope is that we can nurture sustainable practices within the hairdressing community to create a ‘green business’ network of salons our clients can trust. The aim of a green business is to act in the best interest of local and global environments, supporting the community and economy of a healthy planet. Being environmentally aware, within a business, considers more than just profit and focuses on society and environment. #Salonlove represents this idea through investing in independent salons, funding education projects and spreading the environmentally conscious message of our brand partners. 

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