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Daisy Noble

Wednesday 26,2021

The Eufora Protein System!

Plant Based Proteins for...

...strength, shine and moisture

Soy, Quinoa, and Wheat hydrolysed proteins work to enhance strength, improve elasticity, combat damage, and balance moisture. Each protein has a different molecular weight and structure that allows it to work differently within the hair. Eufora formulas use varying balances of these proteins to work both inside and outside the hair shaft to produce specific results based on your hair type, density, and desired outcome.

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The Eufora Protein System

Perfectly Balanced Blends

Eufora formulas use various balances of these three powerhouse proteins based on hair type, density, and desired outcome.

Formulas designed to enhance volume and body have a higher balance of Wheat and Quinoa proteins to plump up the hair strand while providing weightless moisture and strength. Formulas designed to enhance manageability, control frizz, and nourish a frazzled cuticle have a higher balance of soy proteins. 

Weightless Protein Blend

Smaller proteins enhance volume, body, and fullness for fine, lifeless hair.

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Balanced Protein Blend

An evenly balanced blend combats damage for strength, shine, and elasticity for all hair types. 

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Heaviest Protein Blend

Heavier proteins transform coarse, unruly hair with a soft, smooth finish.

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