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Eufora Aloetherapy Soothing Conditioner 8.45oz

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Daily conditioner that gently rebalanced moisture, softens hair and soothes the scalp leaving it feeling soft and revitalised without the added weight/ Ideal for sensitive types needing gentle, yet powerful, moisture replenishment with soothing benefits.

Gluten Free  Mineral Oil Free  Certified Organic Aloe  Paraben Free  Petrolatum Free  Vegan

What It Does

Calms and soothes the scalp while leaving hair feeling soft and revitalized.

How To Apply

Apply a quarter size amount to cleansed hair. Work through hair and leave
on 3-5 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Key Ingredients

• Certified Organic Aloe Vera provides important nutrients, essential
amino acids, moisture and legendary rejuvenation benefits necessary for
optimum scalp and hair health
• Aloe Stem Cells, known to multiply the molecular potency by 1000x or
more to help soothe and calm irritated, dry skin. Contains
Polysaccharides and Glycoproteins to stimulate skin repair and growth
and reduces inflammation
• Water Lily, a natural moisturizer, provides instant hydration. Contains
Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant to help fight against free radicals
produced by external aggressions. Also known for its anti-inflammatory
properties, that help to reduce "stinging" and irritations which cause
redness, pain and discomfort
• Oat Avenanthramides: A concentrated fraction from colloidal Oatmeal.
Contains anti-irritant and anti-oxidant properties. Scientifically proven to
reduce redness and itch to soothe and relieve dry skin
• Panthenol for moisture, strength and shine
• Brassica Flower and Radish Seed provide excellent conditioning and
shine benefits
• Aromatic Extract blend for an aromatherapy experience

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Bernadette Sanchez
I love your aloe products

I love both Aloe based conditioner and shampoo Your product is wonderful.

Debra Freeman
Love what it does for my hair, but not for my scalp.

I love how the conditioner makes my hair feel - detangled, smooth, shiny and silky. However, I don't find it "soothing" as advertised. Unfortunately, it makes my scalp itch. I have seborrheic dermatitis and was hoping I could use it without problems after a friend recommended it to me. If you don't have this scalp condition, I highly recommend it.

Soothing conditioner

Purchased the aloe therapy shampoo and soothing conditioner. This combo works well on my shoulder length layered hair (lots of hair but each strand is fine)
Thx !!

Laurie S.
I love both the shampoo

I love both the shampoo and conditioner. I only need a small amount to wash my hair. I use both everyday and my color is protected and my hair feels really good, as does my scalp.

Hazel S.
Love the subtle scent and

Love the subtle scent and everything about the shampoo and conditioner combination
Clear scalp and healthy bouncy shiny hair
Appreciate the concentration and economy

why we love Eufora Aloetherapy Soothing Conditioner 8.45oz