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Earthly Body CBD Daily Intensive Cream 600mg - Lavender

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Get ultimate therapeutic relief with CBD Daily Ultimate Strength Intensive Cream. Packed with 600 mg of 100% natural, hemp-derived CBD and a proprietary blend of essential oils, our most potent formula is guaranteed to bring the immediate soothing and moisturising sensation to a whole new level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

A Great product made even better. Thanks for the optional scents and good riddance to the plastic. I’ll definitely repurpose those tins.

Gail E Mascali

I bought my product at a Hair Salon and I am very pleased how it has helped me. I have nerve damage in my leg with very hot spasms, itchiness in my entire leg, and pain. I can’t rub or touch my leg, because it feels like it is ripping. I applied this cream and almost instantly it stopped hurting, burning and it felt good. I would recommend this product to anyone with nerve pain.

Esther Shoemake

I have been using this product for 2 years now. I have given this cream to my friends when in need. Whether it is muscle pain from strain, any arthritis, restless leg, or fibromyalgia, we all agree this product is amazing. As an added bonus, it smells nice. I have used both the mint and lavender and love them both.


Not only is the 600mg my favorite CBD product, but the customer service here is the best! The company absolutely stands behind their products, and they provide excellent representatives should you ever experience any issues (I dealt with Michelle Roberts). They have a lifetime customer here with me and I just referred another family member to them after she tried some of my CBD for her back pain. I don’t easily recommend specific companies, however, this is one of the few for which I make an exception.

Michelle Henson

This cream is amazing! Not only does it relieve pain, it helps with my restless legs and smells wonderful!! I definitely recommend it!

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