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Sens.ús Nutri Color Shampoo 250ml

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Nourishing protective shampoo for coloured or streaked hair. Enriched with plant-based keratin, goji berries and acai. Gently cleanses hair, leaving it shiny and hydrated for a longer lasting colour. SLS / SLES free.


What It Does

Strengthens and boosts hair fibers and improves their
elasticity. Repairs the structure of damaged hair.

Colored hair is protected, energized and strengthened, for
an anti-age effect.

Revitalize treated hair and hydrate it, thanks to their
emollient properties.

Key Ingredients

VEGETAL KERATIN | A blend of 18 plant-based amino acids, it is rich in the amino acid cysteine. It creates sulphur bridges that give hair greater strength.

GOJI | Goji berries, which are native to China, are rich in vitamins, mineral salts, 18 different amino acids and plant-based fatty acids. They are used to replenish vitamin reserves and supply nutrients.

ACAI | Acai berries are native to the Amazon and are rich in phytosterols, fatty acids and vitamin C. Acai berries are used widely in cosmetics, thanks to their emollient and energy-boosting effect.

How To Apply

Apply evenly over scalp and wet hair. Massage well, rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

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