Paddle Air Brush

Paddle Air Brush

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The days of pulling and dragging a brush through long, thick hair are over! Our Paddle Air Brush is designed specifically to make brushing and drying long locks as easy as 1, 2, 3. Our unique SmartFlex bristles limit split ends and broken strands of hair, leaving a healthy and shiny result. And the placement of the bristles is designed to let the airflow of a hairdryer pass through quickly and easily. Holes on the back of the brush allows water to quickly evaporate, making sure that water doesn’t end up inside the brush – so you can enjoy your brush for a very long time.


  • Heat resistant bristles up to 240 degrees
  • 3D convex shaped pad designed to optimize brushing in all angles
  • Perfect for drying at high temperatures
  • Holes in the brush allows water to quickly evaporate


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