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Daisy Noble


14 ,2022

Are you the sensitive type?

"Aloetherapy formulas work to repair, soothe, and protect for immediate and long term benefits."

Whether you have skin/scalp sensitivities, need extra replenishment after a day out in the harsh sun, or just love Aloe Vera... our family-friendly, award winning collection gently soothes, hydrates, and replenishes proving that nature is truly genius. Discover a custom collection based in Aloe Vera and fortified with Aloe Stem Cells to help calm, soothe and improve irritations for both immediate and long-term benefits. 

Nature is Genius

Soothe scalp, hair, and skin with a super charged dose of Aloe Vera and powerhouse botanical extracts that pack a gentle, yet powerful punch by replenishing moisture and soothing irritation. A dry, red, flakey, or irritated scalp can be the result of several environmental factors, products, or even genetics. Aloetherapy formulas work to repair, soothe, and protect for immediate and long term benefits.

Award Winning Innovation

Aloe Stem Cell Technology

Aloe Vera is known for its soothing, anti-irritation properties, and high concentration of amino acids, polysaccharides, glycoproteins and vitamins. Aloe stem cell technology multiplies the plant’s potency by 1,000x (or more) to deliver a powerful dose of active ingredients to the hair and scalp.

How It Works
When the aloe plant is damaged or cut open - it triggers the plant’s natural repair and healing mechanisms. These ‘repairing’ cells are Aloe Stem Cells which are extracted and programmed to deliver customised activity. For the Eufora Aloetherapy Technology, Aloe Stem cells stimulate skin repair, reduce inflammation, and deliver a  supercharged dose of Aloe Vera’s soothing and anti-irritation benefits.


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