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Daisy Noble

Febuary 05,2021

Fine and thinning hair facts - Female

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In a recent poll over 80% of women said they were or had suffered with noticeable hair loss. Hair plays a huge part in our appearance and our confidence, if it is thinning or fine it can affect the styling and how we feel about ourselves. Here we talk about the main causes;

“Believe it or not, the environment, weather, water and pollution can affect the hair and scalp and can lead to hair thinning and if the scalp is damaged, to hair loss”


Going through hormonal changes like menopause can cause hair fall and a change of the texture of our hair. During pregnancy the normal hair cycle suspends in the Catagen (resting) stage which means we do not experience hair fall until after birth.


when the hormones return to ‘normal’ and the hair cycle attempts to catch up by moving

into the Telogen (falling) stage. It can appear at this point like we are losing all our hair. But it is just hair fall of many months, all at once.


Stressful events and long periods of stress can have a huge impact on your hair and cause it to shed. If you experience loss that results in patches appearing this could be a sign of Alopecia and you should see your GP.


The side effects of some medications may be that you notice hair loss and thinning. Changes of and new medications can also cause hair loss. This is normally temporary as the body adjusts, but if you experience excessive or prolonged hair loss due to medication you should speak to your GP.


It is important to eat well to be healthy. Vitamin B is vital to hair health and can be found, for example, in salmon, leafy greens, liver, eggs, milk, chickpeas and edamame. If you are concerned about hair loss you can buy Vitamin B Complex from your health shop.


Overuse of heat can lead to hair thinning and have you wondering if you are suffering hair loss. It is important to use a heat protectant before using hair dryers, irons or wands, try Sensus Heat Shield (£11.00) or Eufora Retain (£20.00). Regularly treat your tresses to a restructuring mask, try Sensus Recovery Mask, (£13.10) MalibuC Miracle Repair Mask (£29.90) or Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Replenishing Mask (£25.50).

External Factors

Believe it or not, the environment, weather, water and pollution can affect the hair and scalp and can lead to hair thinning and if the scalp is damaged, to hair loss (for example if the scalp is over exposed to the sun). Use products with UV protectant in the sun (we recommend Eufora Leave in Hydration £22.00) and treat hair exposed to salt or chlorinated water with MalibuC Swimmers Wellness Kit (£29.90). The foundation of healthy hair is in the care of the hair and scalp together. If you need to address fine and thinning hair there is no better place to start than with Eufora Thickening Regime consisting of Thickening Cleansing Treatment (£25.00), Thickening Conditioning Treatment (£26.00), Thickening Serum (£19.45) and Thickening Scalp Treatment (£29.00) – available in a pack (£90.00), Eufora promises thicker, fuller hair in 30 days. Alternatively, Sensus Densify Kit, is a great buy at £30.00.