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Caring For Your Summer Hair: Summer Hair Care Routine

Written by: Daniel Andersson



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Daniel Andersson

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Should your summer hair care routine be different from Winter? As the weather warms up and we look forward to spending more time in the sun, it is essential to consider whether your hair care routine needs a seasonal update. Just as you might adjust your skincare and make up for the summer months, your hair also deserves some special attention.

Summer Damage

When it comes to summer hair care, there are two key considerations: Protecting your hair from damage and ensuring it looks its best despite heat and humidity. To achieve this, you will need to make some adjustments, follow these steps.

1. Give Your Hot Tools A Break

Constant heat styling can leave your hair dry and brittle. Give your hair a rest by avoiding excessive use of straighteners and curling irons. If you are struggling to avoid heat tools, use the good stuff! We recommend BIO|IONIC SMART X hairdryer ,this amazing tool is using more air pressure and less heat overall for a quicker dry and healthier hair. The 10X styling iron has some very innovative technology, like theBio Ionic Moisturising Heat technology, this helps conditioning the hair as you style, seals in moisture and smooths the cuticle for softer, healthier hair.

Woman with dandruff in her dark hair
2. Get A Haircut

Remove any damaged ends with a cut. Visit your stylist regularly to maintain healthy hair and prevent split ends.

Young woman with dry scalp
3. Watch Your Diet

A balanced diet rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins is crucial for healthy hair.Consider incorporating supplements should you struggle to get it all in your daily diet.

4. Care For Your Scalp

Remember to nourish your scalp, healthy hair starts from the roots. A great additionto your routine is the Malibu C Scalp Wellness remedy.

5. Choose A Gentle Shampoo

Opting for a mild, moisturising shampoo to prevent your hair from drying out in the summer is a good idea. Clean formulas that cleanse and add moisture are a great choice. We recommend MKS Eco Nourish Daily Shampoo or Eufora’s Nourish Hydrating Shampoo.

6. Deep Condition

Give your regular conditioner a rest and opt for a conditioner or masque with extra hydration. Apply roots to ends and comb. We love the MKS Eco Miracle Repair Masque and the Eufora Replenishing Treatment. These formulations are both clean, advanced and great for your hair.

7. Invest In A Quality Hairbrush

Use a high-quality hairbrush suitable for your hair type to prevent damage and breakage. An old brush with damaged bristles will cause damage to your hair. The EMME brushes are a great collection of quality wooden brushes that wont break the bank, featuring cushion pads, round tipped ionic nylon bristles, perfect to detangle your locks.

8. Protect Your Hair & Scalp

Wear a hat when the sun is strong and use products with SPF to shield the hair from the suns ray’s. Look for light weight products with SPF and moisture, they provide protection & hydration. Our favourites are Eufora’s Hydration Leave In and Sens.Us Sun Care range.

9. Combat Pool Damage

Chlorine and other chemicals in pool water can cause havoc on your hair. Consider using products like the Malibu C Swimmers Wellness System to combat pool damage. Malibu C Swimmer is simply the best in the biz to use against unwanted hair challenges.

Implementing these nine tips for your summer hair care routine will help you keep your hair healthy, hydrated and looking sassy all summer long. Go ahead and enjoy the sun and let your hair shine.

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Daniel Andersson

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