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Choosing The Right Hairbrush With EMME

Written by: Daniel Andersson



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Daniel Andersson

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There are many brushes to choose from, some are used to create curls others to smooth, detangle or create volume. What is important to know is that the right hairbrush should be an integral part of your haircare routine. We love and recommend the EMME brush collection, Lagom. Not just because the brushes are beautifully designed, their practicality is first class. The bristles are natural boar bristles and round tipped ionic nylon. The solid ergonomic wood construction is paired with a super comfortable rubber cushion making EMME brushes super comfortable to hold.

Classic Oval & Classic Oval Polish

A must have classic brush in any serious hair care set up. The wood design has the EMME trademark vented back to help with air flow and to stop excess water building up under the cushion pad. The classic oval is a perfect detangling brush with flexible rounded bristles whilst the Classic Oval Polish brush has added boar bristles to promote natural oils and a smooth finish.

The Iconic Styler

Achieve salon-worthy results with The iconic styler a must-have tool for anyone who takes pride in styling their hair.The brush features a tear-drop wooden handle, rounded shape for enhanced comfort and control. The Ionic nylon pins will glide effortless through the hair to help create separation, shape and smoothness to hair. The removable pin pad will also help you keep The Iconic styler clean and fresh. This brush is perfect for detangling, separating or defining curls and controlled blow dry’s.

Paddle Brush

The EMME paddle brush is an excellent tool for brushing curly hair without breaking the form, and it does a great job of detangling while blow-drying your hair.A paddle brush makes your cuticles less porous, creating a shinier look. It's also great for detangling hair, which helps create a smoother look. Paddle brushes have a more extensive base than other brushes, allowing you to brush large portions at once, making them convenient for curly or voluminous hair.

Round Hairbrushes

Round hairbrushes are great to add volume to both short and long hair. EMME has two types of round brush, Vented Thermal brushes and Solid Thermal brushes, which one is for you?

EMME Vented Thermal Round Brush

This brush is available in 3 different barrel sizes, 55mm,63mm and 72mm. The vented barrel is coated in ceramic to help conduct heat and the vents allow the air to flow freely reaching all parts of the hair. Blow-drying your hair won't feel like a chore! This vented blow-dry brush delivers a fast and easy blow-dry. The durable and flexible nylon bristles help to create natural volume, lift, smoothness and wont “tug” on the hair.

EMME Solid Thermal Round Brush

This brush comes in 3 different barrel sizes, 46mm, 54mm and 64mm. The Solid Thermal brush has a ceramic coated barrel to help conduct heat, and has a mixture of nylon bristles and natural boar bristles. Boar bristle brushes are popular because of their ability to redistribute the natural, healthy oils in the scalp, which enhances hair health and creates smooth, shiny locks.

How To Care For Your EMME Brush

You have invested in a high quality EMME brush, we want you to get the most from it. For more information about the design of a specific brush  click here.

If you look after your brush, it will last longer. Brushes that are not cared for will be less effective, and can damage your hair or scalp. A dirty brush can redeposit build up, dead skin cells and bacteria onto your hair and scalp. If your brush has developed a nondescript fluff or fuzz, this is a sign that it has collected dirt, dust and dead skin cells and it needs a good clean. If a brush is not used correctly, the bristles can be damaged, broken and in some cases, go missing. This could result in damage to your hair or scalp.

Pick out and remove any hair after each use. The end of a tail comb or chopstick are good for this purpose.

Regularly clean your brush to remove product build-up such as conditioner, spray, gels etc. For a hairdresser this should be at least once a day. A mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle is best to clean and disinfect.

Keep your brush dry. if it gets wet you should immediately dry your brush with a hairdryer or a soft towel.

Never immerse your natural wood brush in water for a period of time.

Do not expose the bristles to direct or high heat.

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