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Jessica Walker

WEDNESDAY 30, 2023

Hard Water: The Hidden Cause of Your Hair Problems

"Minerals build up over time and can cause different problems with your hair. The more calcium, magnesium, copper and iron in the water, the "harder" it is."

What is hard water?

If you're a frequent follower of #Salonlove you have heard us talk of hard water before. The scale of hard or soft water refers to the mineral count present in the water. The more calcium, magnesium, copper and iron in the water, the "harder" it is. Generally, you can determine how hard or soft water is based on your geographical location. However, this isn't usually something individuals are looking into. That is concerning when you consider how hard water damages the hair.

How do i know if i have hard water build up?

Have you ever washed your hair and it still feels dry and crunchy after? That's probably because of the mineral build up left behind after not cleansing away the minerals. Similarly, like spending the day in the ocean. The crunchy state your hair is left in when it dries, is sodium minerals left behind on the hair shaft. 

Still not sure? Well, consider looking at your kettle. Do you ever notice that if you don't clean often, you start to see a white film form over the inside of the kettle? Even scrubbing doesn't clear it away? This is hard water build up and the same is happening in your hair!

What problems are caused by mineral build up?

Minerals build up over time and can cause different problems with your hair. If you have coloured hair, you may be prone to fade, or discolouration sooner than you would like. You may also experience a dry or flaky scalp, weighing down your hair and making it look flat when dry. On the other side of the spectrum, hard water build up can have, for example, creating a film layer over the shaft which stops products from being worked in properly. Not being able to work in the products you pick for your hair care needs can lead to damage and breakage. An extreme example, maybe, but it is important to note. Colour treated hair should receive more nourishment to prevent bleach damage. Product not being able to penetrate the hair shaft to provide moisture will eventually lead to breakage.

What can i do to protect my hair?

So you have hard water? Well, you can't move to avoid it, so what else can you do to protect your hair? We recommend using a chelating or clarifying shampoo to start, like Malibu C Un-Do-Goo. Different to regular shampoo that provides cleanse only, a clarifying shampoo contains a chelating agent that binds itself to the minerals and rinses them away. A regular shampoo will only cleanse away surface dirt and residue. It is important to note that a chelating or clarifying shampoo shouldn't be used as a daily shampoo, as this can cause irritation. We recommend using once a week, in replacement of your regular shampoo.

The Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy is your secret weapon in the battle against hard water! When your hair truly has a tough time, give strands the boost they need to remove build up to reveal healthier, shinier, and more vibrant hair. This wellness remedy naturally removes deposits and impurities while deeply penetrating for superior moisture retention.

Follow up after clarifying with the Malibu C Hard Water Shampoo and Conditioner which protects against hard water damage by preserving the health and vibrancy of hair exposed to hard water, without further damaging. The hydrating formula infuses moisture for additional benefits. 

You can shop all hard water weapons with Malibu C - the brand at the forefront of the battle for healthier, stronger, and more vibrant hair for everyone.