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How To Maintain Your Salon-Style Hair at Home

Written by: Maria Vasiliou



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Maria Vasiliou

Maria Vasiliou has been in the industry for 35 years and has had her own business for the last 22 years. She loves products and understands the difference they can make to her hairdressing services and her clients home maintenance. She fell in love with MalibuC and completed every class and certification before traveling to Greece to attend a Masterclass taught by Missy Bender Peterson, MalibuC’s Senior Global Educator. Maria said ‘MalibuC has elevated my hairdressing and has provided solutions for myself and my clients - I wish it came into my life sooner.'

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Can you relate? You are walking out of the salon with a fresh new do, swishing your locks and taking a look at your reflection in the shop windows. You’re feeling a million dollars! Imagine a relationship with your hair where every day is a great hair day. This is the feeling #SalonLove was created for, we help you recreate your salon-style hair at home with the right products and tips. 

Tips For Better Home Styling

Your stylist creates your hair of dreams and now it is up to you to recreate the look at home. It is important to remember that great hair every day is 60% what your stylist does with your cut and treatments and 40% what you do at home. A good stylist will give you product

recommendations and style tips, during your appointment ask lots of questions and maybe even have a go at styling. This will give your stylist even more opportunity to help you with your home maintenance.

Here are some of my suggestions for better home styling:

  • Air flow of your hairdryer is super important, you want to be pointing the air from root to tip in order to smooth the cuticle. This will create more shine. The Sutra Infra Red dryer will help you direct the heat from the nozzle as well as controlling frizz.

  • Use heat protectants before styling, this will protect your hair from damage caused from blow drying and heat styling tools.

  • Choose a brush that will make styling easy whilst creating minimum friction and pull. Check your brush for broken or damaged bristles, you don’t want to damage your tresses with an old brush.

  • If your goal in styling is to change texture (for example - straight to curly or curly to straight) a styling product can make all the difference to your finished result. Look for products like Curl Partner or Smooth and Straightening Balm, depending on your hair goal. These products will make styling much easier and last longer.

  • For a perfect blow dry make sure your hair is completely dry - imagine some of your laundry is still damp when you fold it making your dry laundry damp again! Your hairdryer, brush and styling products can all help speed the hair drying time.

  • Finish your look with a hairspray to hold your style or a shine spray to add an extra sparkle dimension to your look.

SalonLove offers carefully chosen hair care products for different hair goals. Check our website to find the best products for your hair type and needs. I would also suggest you to watch our video on how to know your hair type, which will help you choose the right products for your hair type.

Now you know how to maintain your salon-style hair at home, don't forget to share your feedback or questions with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

"Feel free to drop your questions or concerns as comments below and we will be happy to help you."

Maria Vasiliou

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